Sonder Projects

Web Design + Development

Sonder Projects is a construction startup in Brisbane that specializes in fit outs and refurbishments of high-end office and commercial spaces.

They wanted a website that was future-proofed in terms of code, design, and structure to have portfolio and blog layouts included and ready to deploy when populated.

Although b2b sites show heavy desktop usage, when out in the field, the mobile view is also important in establishing good first impressions. Thus, the site has been optimized to deliver the same level of completeness on mobile.

Fit out, Refurbishment, Construction

To make content upload easy for staff members, the backend was also optimized for simple uploads. The blogs are written with Gutenberg and displayed via template.

Custom post types and posts were templated separately to suit the content. Oxygen Builder with ACF pro and a custom plugin was used to build the site so it is easy for the client to update content. Custom code with Gutenberg blocks and layouts have been used throughout.

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